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Gottlieb System 1 Switch Tester

This is a little test board I had made up for testing the switch matrix on Gottlieb System 1 pinball machines. This includes a wire harness that connects to A1-J7 on the Gottlieb System 1 MPU board (you simply disconnect the existing harness and hook this up in its place). This board then allows you to activate each switch in the game very easily (note: this will not test the dedicated slam/outhole switches in the game, but those are easy enough to test on their own).

Using the Switch Tester
You would need to reference the switch matrix chart in your game manual to use this tester. It's mostly intended for people that work with a lot of Gottlieb System 1 games and want to isolate the playfield switch wiring/connectors/switches from MPU board issues. By using this test board you can verify the switch circuitry on the MPU board is working properly. When referencing the switch matrix chart in your game manual, each switch will have a corresponding strobe & return line. To activate that switch you simply press the corresponding strobe # and return # on this test board.

Other Uses (Gottlieb "T" TEST ROM)
This is also *extremely* useful if used with the Gottlieb "T" TEST eprom. I cannot program the eprom for you due to Gottlieb copyrights, but if you have an EPROM programmer it's not too hard to track down the TEST ROM image in 2716 format. You can then program a 2716 eprom with the TEST ROM image and use a 2716 to Game PROM adapter board. When using this ROM, the playfield switches are used to toggle on or off feature lamps.. a single switch closure caused the lamp to toggle either on or off and it will stay in this state until the switch is pressed again. Usually you would need to locate the correct playfield switch (on your game's playfield) that corresponds to the lamp you want to activate, and with the playfield glass off you activate the switch to turn on/off the feature lamp. Instead, using this switch matrix tester board you can easily activate any switch to toggle on/off feature lamps without removing the playfield glass or having to search the playfield for the correct switch. Again, I cannot include the test ROM code but I wanted to point out another way to utilize this switch matrix tester if you can get a Gottlieb "T" TEST ROM and use it with this switch matrix tester.

Assembled PCB + Assembled Wiring Harness

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Assembled PCB + Assembled Wiring Harness
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