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Various nvram memory modules / adapters, otherwise known as "battery eliminators" -- for pinball and arcade machines. No more changing batteries. Your high scores and settings are saved without the need for any batteries, so you can remove the batteries from your game once and for all!

To find what NVRAM is compatible with your game, please see the compatibility list for each NVRAM module on the product details page. In general, early solid state pinball machines from the late 70s through early 80s used a 5101 NVRAM Module. Many arcade games during this time period would use a 5114 NVRAM Module. Alphanumeric and DMD pinball games from the mid 80s through early 90s would typically use either a 6116 NVRAM Module or 6264 NVRAM Module.

62256 NVRAM Module - Battery Eliminator

6264 NVRAM Module - Battery Eliminator

6116 NVRAM Module - Battery Eliminator

5101 NVRAM Module - Battery Eliminator

5114 NVRAM Module - Battery Eliminator

Stern MPU-200 Dual 5101 RAM Module
Battery Eliminator

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