About Pinitech

"Where does he get those wonderful toys?" Pinitech, of course!

Pinitech LLC creates and sells diagnostic / testing tools, mods and kits for pinball machines and other arcade equipment. We are but a humble group of people (okay, mostly just a one-man show) developing some cool things to help everyone from hobbyists to service professionals have an easier time at repairing machines. Many of the products you can purchase from PINITECH were created out of our own need for better tools to repair circuit boards or machines. Since this stuff can get quite expensive to do one-offs of, many of our creations get offered up to the pinball or arcade communities to help offset costs of pcb orders, etc.

In 2015 we started expanding our selection of test equipment and mods to include other manufacturer's products that also align with what we're selling at PINITECH. This is to offer a wider selection to our customers and also show support for the many great people creating things in this hobby.

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