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Universal switch matrix tester capable of simulating up to 64 switches.

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July 2016 Updates
Posted on 07/21/2016

It's been a busy couple of months.  If you've visited the website in June/July you probably saw a notice that shopping cart links were down or there was a possibility of shipping delays on orders due to a large house project that's taken up most of my time.  The good news is, that's wrapping up and I'll have some time to get caught up some.. addressing some products that I've run low on inventory & have had to remove bulk discounts on.  NVRAM is one of the affected items, since I took most of the small amount of remaining inventory of boards I had to the Allentown show and haven't had a chance to reorder PCBs & materials to continue with offering bulk discounts on those.  Should have bulk discounts available again in 3-4 weeks when I get some more materials in for those.  I'll also be getting back into a few projects I was working on earlier in 2016 and there will likely even be a few new products available soon!  More on that in the coming weeks..

Allentown Pinfest
Posted on 05/02/2016

Back from Allentown Pinfest.  It was my first time ever attending Allentown and first time showing any of what I've been up to in-person at a venue.  Exhausting lead-up to the show scrambling to prepare some things, which was amplified a bit by the hurry-up-and-wait on Thursday with leaving for Allentown early and finding out we would need to wait another 4hrs or so to get into the flea market area because a seminar was going on in that building.  I didn't really know what to expect on Friday being set up in the flea market area, but had quite a bit of interest & about a 4-5 hour solid marathon of talking to person after person which was great to see.  Much better than sitting there without anyone really taking a look, but definitely exhausting!  I'm glad people were so excited in what they were seeing because it helped keep me going too! =)


Latest News
    08/02/2016 - NVRAM On Sale
    Running a sale on the nvram adapters, while supplies last.  5101, 6116 and 6264 are all on sale.  The 6116 adapters are very low in inventory, more pcbs are due in within 1-2 weeks.  These can all be found on the memory product page.

    02/07/2016 - New Product - Classic Bally/Stern SDB Testers
    Adding a new diagnostic tool set to the mix. The Bally/Stern SDB Testers are a pair of diagnostic tools to help with bench testing or in-machine testing of SDB circuitry. These will begin shipping on 2/11.

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