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Easily test WPC dedicated switch circuitry at the bench or in a game.

64 Switch Matrix Tester

Universal switch matrix tester capable of simulating up to 64 switches.

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Items Coming Back-In-Stock
Posted on 12/08/2016

Have a few items now back-in-stock.  First up, the Neoloch Inquisitor IC Testing System is once again in-stock and we're shipping the latest version with the PIA blade that also tests 6532 RIOTs.  Only have a handful of these, but will re-order much sooner if they sell out quick.  Also back are the Bally/Stern Bench LED Display, Bally/Stern Lamp Driver Board Tester (assembled version) and Bally/Stern Solenoid Driver Board Tester... as well as the MEGA BUNDLE for most of the Bally/Stern testers in one bundle price.  One last item is an AMBER DIGIT OPTION for the Bally/Stern DIY LED Display Conversion Kits.  Some of these items may experience a bit of a delay in shipping from time of order since they'll be assembled on-demand (mainly the Bally/Stern diagnostic tools or MEGA bundle).

Latest News
    12/08/2016 - NVRAM Sale
    Currently running a SALE on smd nvram -- $15.95ea or less in bulk.

    02/07/2016 - New Product - Classic Bally/Stern SDB Testers
    Adding a new diagnostic tool set to the mix. The Bally/Stern SDB Testers are a pair of diagnostic tools to help with bench testing or in-machine testing of SDB circuitry. These will begin shipping on 2/11.

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