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Williams WPC Dedicated Switch Tester

Easily test WPC dedicated switch circuitry at the bench or in a game.

64 Switch Matrix Tester

Universal switch matrix tester capable of simulating up to 64 switches.

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New Product! Gottlieb System 1 NVRAM Module
Posted on 02/10/2018

Added a new nvram product to the website!  The Gottlieb System 1 NVRAM Module will help with your quest of eliminating all batteries from your pinball machines!  This is an nvram specifically for the Gottlieb System 1 machines that utilize the 5101 data inputs/outputs separately, unlike how most pinball/arcade games tied them together.

Limited Availability for the moment, as this is a 3rd party product and I only had materials on-hand from what was sent to me.  The design was done by CactusJack over at Pinside, who graciously sent me the extra pcbs/materials he had after updating some of his games.  I have 8x assembled boards available right now, once they're gone there will be a bit of a delay in availability on these.  Introductory Price of $19.95, which is a steal considering all the extra components on these to get them to work properly with Gottlieb System 1 & time required for assembly.  Great way to judge the market on a product I've wanted to offer for quite some time now!

Credit Dot Pinball Reviews Pinitech LED Displays!
Posted on 08/23/2017

Credit Dot Pinball just reviewed Pinitech's newest LED display offerings for Classic Bally/Stern pinball machines.  Both the Pinitech TRADITIONAL and Pinitech UNO displays were part of the review.  We won't spoil the verdict for you, but suffice to say -- these new displays have been receiving some great feedback!  So check it out if you want to learn more about the displays -- there's even a brief interview at the end with yours truly!  Also don't miss the recently reviewed Pinitech RETROFIT (conversion kits) if you have some old out-gassed displays kicking around and want a different type of project!  And definitely check out the rest of what Credit Dot Pinball has to offer -- there's a lot of fantastically written articles, interviews & product reviews!

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    02/10/2018 - Gottlieb System 1 NVRAM
    Added a new product!  Gottlieb System 1 NVRAM (Battery Eliminator) that replaces the 5101 RAM on original Gottlieb System 1 Pinball MPU boards and will save your high score without the need for batteries!

    07/22/2017 - Two New Products!
    Check out the awesome new FULL LED Display Kits for Classic Bally/Stern pinball machines!

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